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1stFather.com is dedicated to what is commonly known as the male parent of an offspring, the father. Fathers which can be considered paternal whereas a mother would be considered maternal.

For centuries, within a family or community, the father is viewed as an authority figure. Obviously when you examine world politics you will find female leaders of countries. We are not talking about political authority, but dealing with domestic authority.

Active fathers involved with the development of family members are considered very important to the natural growth and interactions required to develop into a responsible adult. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and a percentage of humans can grow up without a father figure and mature correctly, however scientifically proven it is better to be raised with a father figure.

Often, children raised with a father find themselves to be more likely to increase their ability in educational achievement, social interaction stability and have a higher percentage of long term marriages. Clinically proven, children raised with a father also develop better problem solving skills and become more curious about surroundings.


Children raised without father involvement often perceive themselves to be less physically competent than their peers and less cognitively.

It is proven when a boy child is raised without a father present they are shown to have more feminine but no fewer masculine characteristics of gender role behavior.

Female children raised without a father figure seem to have more severe disputes / arguments with their mother.

Fathers, as well as mothers, can be categorized by biological, legal relationship, and social standards with their child.

Often throughout time the biological father may not be available or even alive and another father figure enters the development stages of children.

Fathers may be referred to by many terms such as, dad, daddy, pa, papa, pop, and many other slang terms.



This web site does not judge whether a biological father is required in the development of a family. Our goal is to deliver quality information which can be used by not only fathers, but the entire family structure. Click on the image below and view a myriad of pages of free information about fathers.

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